-   A    C a l l    t o    B e a u t y    -


"All of our art and the entire esthetic quality of our community life should remind us without ceasing that beauty is the sign of something beyond that does not age, which opens us to the blessed eternity of the Kingdom of God." 

Book of Life 58



IMG_8963We believe that God is beauty, that it holds the power to turn a heart towards God: "Beauty will save the world" (Dostoyevsky). For this reason, we try to cultivate beauty in our houses, our chapel, garden, and in the way we live. The Tradition of the Church (Latin and Orthodox) offers to the believer uncountable treasures and riches to elevate his soul. Through our liturgy, through our homes, through  icons, music, art, handmade apostolate and even dances, we try to express this beauty of God, for which we left everything behind.  The Lord has endowed many community members with artistic talents:  musicians, painters, sculptors, iconographers, dancers, etc. 

"He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart"  Ecclesiastes 3:11

 The liturgy is embellished by four-part harmonies, icons, ornate flower arrangements, fragrant incense, and candles. Beauty moves our hearts to God