-  C a m p u s   M i s s i o n s   a n d   Y o u n g  A d u l t   M i n i s t r y   -



Contact  beatitudesinfo@gmail.com  for more information about any of these activities!


1 - Campus Missions

Bring the Beatitudes to your campus! We helped found the campus ministry at the Colorado School of Mines and we also travel to student ministries in Colorado and beyond to offer talks and retreats on spirituality, discernment, and evangelization. We often collaborate with FOCUS, and we serve as chaplains and spiritual directors at the FOCUS summer training. Contact Fr. Anthony at beatitudesinfo@gmail.com
 2 - Young Adult Ministry

Young adulthood is a time of seeking, growth, and making many decisions that will affect the rest of life: finding the right college & major, job, vocation, spouse… It is such an important time to receive assistance from the Church and not go it alone. Moved with zeal to bring Christ to young adults who are in the midst of a crucial phase in their lives so that they may build their life on the Rock, grow in the spiritual life and prayer, mature in relationships, knowledge of God’s will. Our young adult programs include the School of Mines chaplaincy, Fiesta Praise (praise & worship nights), discipleship programs (Disciples of the Lamb), college campus missions and talks, spiritual direction, mission trips and pilgrimages.  We also host young adults to share in our Beatitudes' life, in the U.S. or abroad, for a period of time called School of Life.

3 - Mission Trips

We host or lead mission trips to Denver, Peru, France, and Israel. Our focus is not only service, but also praise, prayer, and community-building.
Contact Fr. Anthony at beatitudesinfo@gmail.com.

3 - Youth Pilgrimages


Visit France or Israel as an individual or on our month-long formation trips for young people. Low-cost, with a deep cultural encounter. (link to Pilgrimages page)
4 - World Youth Day 2016
  4 to 6 weeks in Europe, only $3700. (link to Pilgrimages page)

5 - Vocational Discernment

“What is holiness for me? God loves me, and I love Him, but what is He calling me to do with my life? Priesthood, religious life, or marriage and family life? Would God like me to be a doctor, an engineer, or a journalist? To serve the poor, be a missionary, be contemplative, or be a part of the New Evangelization? Would this person I’m dating be a good spouse for me?” These are the fundamental questions that drive vocational discernment. Through this apostolate, we want to equip young adults with solid discernment principles, spiritual direction, prayer practices, and opportunities to grow in their spiritual life in our presence and collaborate in our work for the Kingdom.  Because families, sisters and priests are all present in our community life, we welcome people to see up close the beauty of each state of life.

6 - Come & See Retreats

For those exploring God's call and want to know more about the Community of the Beatitudes, see [ Vocation/Discernement Retreat ]


7 - BOOK - Discerning Your Vocation: A Catholic Guide for Young Adults (written by the Community of the Beatitudes)

Discern your vocationWritten in order to address the many young people asking discernment questions, this book is a practical guide with modern examples and testimonies of different young people.  Topics include establishing good foundations for your discernment, the discernment process itself, five common pitfalls (The "Inception" Syndrome, the "Maybe Generation" Syndrome, the "Finding Nemo" Syndrome, the "Superman" Syndrome, and the "Titanic" Syndrome), and putting your discernment into action.  see [ Vocation/ Discerning your vocation]