-  L i t u r g y    &    S c h e d u l e   -



"The brothers and sisters of the Community shall strive to be one body and one soul, thus expressing in communal prayer and the liturgy the unity of the People of God.  For it is in praying that they may draw strength for practicing charity. There is no better way of expressing our love for the Lord than by allowing our prayer to rise to Him like incense. Thus, to witness to the beauty of God, we will devote particular efforts to singing. We will ensure that out liturgy will also draw on the wealth of the Eastern liturgies. We will be open to receive from others in our Community prayer and liturgy, to be a sign to the nations."

"Immersed in the expectation for the return of the Lord, we blend our voices with those of the angels, celebrating the heavenly liturgy proclaims the Most High without ceasing: “Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of hosts; heaven and earth are full of your glory" (Is 6:3). 

Book of Life 23


LucCHapelyouthPart of our daily work includes the praise of God and intercession for the world in the liturgy.  We gather for community Lauds,  (morning prayer), Mass, Vespers (evening prayer), and Complines (night prayer).  Singing in four-part harmony with candles, incense, flowers, and icons, we join our liturgy to that of heaven.  Guests are welcome to join Lauds, Mass, & Vespers on Tuesday - Saturday:

- Lauds  7:00 (7:30 on Sat.) in the Parish

- Mass 8:00 in the Parish

- Vespers 5:45 (except Friday, when we celebrate Shabbat) in the Convent.

(Complines are private)