-  C o m m u n i o n    o f   t h e   S t a t e s   o f   L i f e  -



"The vocation of the Community is none other than a call to be People of God which aspires to Trinitarian life, in the communion of the states of life."

Book of Life 2

"The communion of states of life is thus at the heart of our identity. It incarnates in the desire of everyone to forget themselves in order to be pleasing to Jesus, serve their brothers and sisters, and to accomplish God’s work. The family which we form cannot be only a human construction, but is a gift received from Above. Its model is the Holy Family of Nazareth, icon of the circulation of Trinitarian love."

Book of Life 12


The Community of the Beatitudes was founded by two couples in 1973. It started as a Lay Community, and it was only later that some single members received a call for consecrated life and the priesthood.  Together, we put into practice the universal call to holiness in the Church, as it was expressed during the Second Vatican Council, in Lumen Gentium (#40 and 41): "The Lord Jesus, the divine Teacher and Model of all perfection, preached holiness of life to each and everyone of His disciples of every condition (...) Every person must walk unhesitatingly according to his own personal gifts and duties in the path of living faith, which arouses hope and works through charity."

Our house in Denver, as in most of our houses around the world, gathers consecrated sisters and brothers or priests, but also families and celibate members, all sharing prayer life and ministries for the Kingdom.