-   D i s c e r n m e n t    R e t r e a t s    -


The true joy of those who are called consists in believing and experiencing that he, the Lord, is faithful,

and that with him we can walk, be disciples and witnesses of God’s love, open our hearts to great ideals, to great things.”

Pope Francis


[]     If you desire to live out a total and joyful self-gift for the Lord

[]     If you are interested in both contemplative and apostolic life

[    If you are attracted by a Marian and Eucharistic spirituality in the footsteps of St. Therese of Lisieux, lived out in 6 continents and 50 houses all over the world

[]     If you are between 18 and 30

We, the Community of the Beatitudes (Denver, CO), would like to help your discernment process through 2 steps: a Come and See Weekend  and/or a 5-day Discernment Retreat. The purpose is to help young adults in the process of discerning their vocation (marriage, religious or priest, consecrated lay). These retreats involve sharing our Community life, with daily prayer (personal and community prayer), teachings and daily spiritual guidance.

We know the beauty of the Lord’s call and are happy to help you discern what path of holiness is yours.

The dates for this coming year are: 

1 - "Come and See" Weekends  (to get to meet us and know more about our Community)

  • No v 30th to Dec 2nd 2018  
  • Feb 1st to 3rd, 2019      
  • March 1st to 3rd 2019
  • May 3rd to 5th 2019

2 - Discernment Retreat :

  • March 18th to 24thth, 2019      (cost is $80 for the whole stay)

How to proceed?  If you are interested in a Come and See weekend  or by the 5-day Discernment Retreat, please fill in this Inquiry Form (along with writing the presentation letter) and mail or email it back to us as soon as possible at the following addresses:

Community of the Beatitudes

2924 W. 43rd Ave

Denver, CO 80211


 After we receive your form ( Inquiry Form ) along with your presentation letter, we will get in touch with you.  🙂

God bless you!