-   S p i r i t u a l   D i r e c t i o n   -

5There are many treasures in prayer that we can receive, and it is our joy to pass them on and help others discover the greatness of God's love.  As a way of assisting people to deepen their relationship with God, find God's will in their life, and grow in the spiritual life, several members of the Community of the Beatitudes offer spiritual direction.  It is a rewarding apostolate to see God's action  in the life of His disciples, and a beautiful way of sharing the fruit of our prayer with others.

The practice of spiritual direction is a tried and true means of discernment and spiritual growth.  It can be oriented toward a specific issue or discernment question, but it is often a long-term spiritual relationship which helps highlight the Holy Spirit's work in that person's life.

"This is the trait of truly humble people: they do not dare deal with God independently, nor can they be completely satisfied without human counsel and direction.  God wants this, for to declare and strengthen truth on the basis of natural reason, he draws near those who come together in an endeavor to know it."  John of the Cross, The Ascent of Mt. Carmel, 2.22.11