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JOH buttonThe Community of the Beatitudes in Denver has been entrusted with the "Jesus our Hope" Hermitage. It is a beautiful cabin (40 mn drive from Downtown) that you can book to take a few days of rest, prayer and complete silence.  The cabin has a chapel (with the Blessed Sacrament), and the hermitage offers the possibility of spiritual guidance or retreat. Click here for more info.


The Community of the Beatitudes is also an international Community, present on 6 continents.  We organize pilgrimages oriented for young adults as a way of giving time to the Lord.  An opportunity to travel abroad to France, Israel, or some other place where the Beatitudes are present can be a great way to leave behind everything familiar in order to be open and available to God's voice in a new way.  These pilgrimages are structured on a rhythm of prayer, liturgy, teaching, fraternal life, and visiting holy places.


1 - Pilgrimage to Israël - Young Adults (Fr. Anthony)


Masada grp croppedgrp Mt Olives croppedIsraël Student Trip: formation, service, dialogue


                  INFO   WEBSITE  HERE

 info: beatitudesinfo@gmail.com

video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pipGwWLGcak&feature=youtu.be


2 - Visit the Holy Land with Sr. Magdalit and Fr. Jacques Philippe!

DSCN4284MassAtEmmausCome join us for a once in a lifetime pilgrimage and discover the Holy Land led by your favorite author Fr. Jacques.

Discover the desert, Galilee, Mount Tabor, Nazareth, Jerusalem and Bethlehem through the teaching, homilies and spiritual direction of Fr. Jacques.

contact Sr. Magdalit : srmagdalit@hotmail.com


ALL INFORMATION HERE: http://www.pilgrimages.com/srmagdalit

YouTube video here :https://youtu.be/Gg36Ogukg-c


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