-   B e a t i t u d e s    S c h o o l   o f   L i f e   -


Tramp for Jesus, ZugThe purpose of a Beatitudes School of Life period (2 to 9 months) is to give "a taste of our Community life and charism". It's a time of formation to spiritual life, but above all a time of grace, of discernment, through community life, intensive prayer schedule and the help of regular spiritual direction. 

Come and share our life, prayer and ministry

4 ways:

             1. Residential: an intense month residing in our Denver house

             2. Disciples of the Lamb: monthly formation days, commitment to personal prayer, tithing, and spiritual direction (see button) 

             3. France: a week or more in one of our houses abroad

             4. Israel: see Student Pilgrimage button


for more info, contact Fr. Anthony at beatitudesinfo@gmail.com