-   T h e   U n i t y   o f   t h e   C h u r c h   -


MagStSepulcre"The Master of time, who pursues His plan of grace with wisdom and patience for the sinners that we are, has begun to pour out widely in the heart of divided Christians a spirit of repentance and the desire for greater unity.

We pray that the scandal of division in the Body of Christ may end, asking the Father to raise up dialogue where hearts are hardened, and to inspire the leaders of the churches and their communities with an ardent desire for unity."

Book of Life 32







IMG_2560dBorn from a Protestant pastor converted to the Catholic Faith, our Community has since the beginning be willing to rediscover the riches and treasures of the Universal (Katolikos) Church, including what John Paul II called in 2001 the second lung of the Church : The Orthodox Church. Hoping and anticipating the moment in which we will finally be reunified around the same altar, we make ours the statement of the Second Vatican Council (Lumen Gentium 13) when it says that between all the parts of the Church there remains a bond of close communion whereby they share spiritual riches, apostolic workers and temporal resources.


Part of our Liturgy and Spirituality comes from the Eastern Orthodox Tradition (Byzantine Vespers, Icons, Jesus Prayer, ...). Marthe Robin, a French mystic who died in 1980, confirmed to our Founder Ephraim this deep call about the Community of the Beatitudes : The Community, she said,“is a gift of God, and it is for the Unity of the Church”.

Messe THy